Sunday, March 7, 2010

Planet Patchwork launches!

Welcome to the newly created blog page for Planet Patchwork! Here, I get to show off my many patchwork creations, share updates on current projects and allow space for you all to comment, add tips or join in the fun! Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

Lightning Bolt progress.

I am currently working on a Patchwork Lightning Bolt. The bolt is currently done (sans some extra flair) but was wondering if it should be a stand-along bolt or coming out of a cloud. Hmm... I need to think on this some more...

Magical Mighty Mace!

This two-starred mace is great for fighting evil warlords, feeling powerful or just having for decoration. Made with all soft materials, this 'weapon' can be played with without fear of getting hurt!

Full Side view

Sandra the Sun Pillow

Sandra is the happiest Sun in the land. She loves to shine her Sun rays throughout the Solar System and create joy and mirth for everyone. Rest your head upon her face and take in her warmth.

Sandra Sun's Front

NOTE: This patchwork creation has been donated to the Seattle Bright-Water Waldorf school auction, so is no longer available.

Vance's Volcanic Volcano

This Volcano is named after Marlo Vance, a heroic explorer who braved the depths of this patchwork volcano. Upon entering its top, the volcano exploded with hot sweater lava and threatened Vance's life! However, Vance was able to catch hold of a large piece of sweater rock and ride the lava to safety. Reenact his amazing adventure over and over with 'Vance's Volcanic Volcano' Patchwork creation - complete with exploding lava action.

Vance's Volcano Front

Vance's Volcano's
Foothills and Forest

Sally the Sea Cuccmber

Sally the Sea Cucumber lives a quiet life tending to her sea garden in the Puget Sound. Though she doesn't talk to other animals very often, she is ready if a predator comes along - if scared, she will expel her inner organs in hope of distracting her foe! Hold her fun, squishy body and see her defensive mechanism first hand!

Sally's Front

Sally's Side

Sally's Full Body

Burt the Bat Scarf

Burt the Bat loves the outdoors, nighttime and cuddling. He is quiet yet affectionate and will wrap himself around your neck if he gets a chance. He also has a mysterious side to him that is sure to intrigue.

Burt's Head

Burt's Left Wing

Burt's Full Body Front